Introduction – Last project and what I want to do now

Before summer I finished a project centered around envelopes and the journey an envelope takes to get from one point to another.



I initially wanted to work with cyanotype but at some point I moved on from that to screenprinting. This year I am aiming to try cyanotype once more and stick with it. For the above project I used faces as my subject to make some comment about ‘selfies’ and it travelling through the post rather than instantly getting it on your smartphone. I also wanted them to be handled and the envelopes to show some wear and tear as it was a sign of the journey the envelope went through. I took some photos of people that I knew were going to another country and asked them to take it with them and post it to me. The envelopes really gained personality through the stamps and the handwriting and that was something I found very interesting.

I’m unsure about how I want to continue this project this year so I decided that I want to experiement a little bit more with cyanotype before I get into the swing of things. Some things I want to try are:

  • Toning prints – In wine, tea, coffee etc.
  • Making my own envelopes – I want to try different sizes and possibly shapes
  • Creating envelope linings
  • Painting on cyanotypes with acrylic paint

Hopefully I can get around to try all of these methods!









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