Testing out different methods of address printing

I established that handwriting didn’t look very nice on the envelopes so began trying different methods, taking into consideration what looked nice and was easy to reproduce. I first of all tried using a typewriter and the first trouble I ran into was aligning the text – it was harder than necessary and I couldn’t central it to save my life. I messed up on the numbers in the postcode too, and when trying to ‘fix’ it with a pen, I messed it up even further.

As you can see the text is quite faint and its hard to make out the address. The letters were also very small and this was something I couldn’t control. The typewriter method, although produces pretty lettering, did not work out for me.

Next I tried to use vinyl lettering. I created a file in Illustrator and had it cut out using a vinyl cutter. The end result looks pretty good – nice bold letters. However, the problem with this is that you have to peel each letter off of the sticker sheet and place it down on your paper. It’s very tedious and just my address took 40 minutes to do. It’s also very hard to get all of the letters straight so I feel as if this method isn’t worth the time for the result.

The last method I tried was using my inkjet printer to print out the text onto tracing paper. This was by far the easiest method out of the three and the result was a well formatted address. I can manipulate the size and font of the text so it allows a lot of freedom. It was a bit difficult to find the right angle to print it so that it would fit the centre of my envelope, but I simply used a template on word and aligned it like that. Due to the ease of this method, I will continue to print my address like this.


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